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Welcome to Glen Elder, Kansas -- Home of Waconda Lake & Glen Elder State Park

Glen Elder
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Glen Elder, KS  67446

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May 3, 2010  Public Sale! - at Tom Gilbert Farm - October, 0917  -- Contributed by Bob Phillips
April, 2007  A Child's Life, 1950's Glen Elder -- Jim Humes
December, 2006   A Christmas Adventure with Ernie Norris -- by X Miller
November, 2006  GEHS -- H.S. Comet   c.1913   Volume 1, Issue 4 & 7 -- excerpts
October, 2006  GEHS -- H.S. Comet   c.1913   Volume 1, Issue 3 -- excerpts
September, 2006   Biographical Sketches of GE Citizens c.1871-1883 -- Contributed by Lee Mick
August, 2006  Glen Elder Dust Storm,  c. 1935 -- by X Miller
July, 2006  Third Biennial Report, State Board of Agriculture -- Mitchell County -- 1882
June, 2006

Mitchell County, Kansas Population by Townships c. 1881,'82 & 2000

May, 2006  

A History of Glen Elder Churches -- From: Weaving Common Threads...

April, 2006  

A Brief History of Glen Elder Schools -- From: Weaving Common Threads...

March, 2006

Map of Walnut Creek Township, c.1887

February, 2006  

A Day With My Grandfather -- by Warren Inskeep

January, 2006  

Early School Days -- by Phyllis Porter

December, 2005  

Christmas Past...Caroling in Glen Elder -- by Linda Clover

November, 2005  

Going to the Circus, 1933 -- by Marjorie Kresin

October, 2005

Journal Entry -- by Robert Harrison Miller

September, 2005

Fun 0n the Farm 50 Years Ago -- by Erma Luckey

August, 2005

Adventures on the Solomon River -- by Wallace Taylor


Running Off to Join the Gypsies -- by X Miller

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Why this page and opportunity?  This is a great location to help share and pass on memories and knowledge related to Glen Elder, its people, places, things and surrounding area.  Putting these recollections on paper, or in this case sharing via the internet, provides a means of permanently storing memories that otherwise might not be passed on to future generations.  Placing these types of stories on the Glen Elder website is also unique for a community website.  Doing so presents an authentic inside look at Americana rural life for whoever visits the site and provides them with a more vivid picture of the community and those he created it.

Though many might believe their memoir isn't important, to others it probably is very special--especially family, friends and neighbors.  Once someone decides to write and share their personal story, chances are they will discover how good and memorable it really is.   Plus, it can be a fun.

For those with older parents, family and acquaintances, this is a good opportunity to encourage them to sit down and have them share their story.  Perhaps you can help them permanently retain that experience by writing or typing it for them.

Having troubles getting started with your memoir? --try writing your recollection as if you might write a letter or speaking to a family member or friend. 

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